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Driven Street Engine Oil - Synthetic - LS30 5W-30 UNIVERSAL

Brand: Driven Racing Oil | Category: Motor Oil
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2907 LS30 Synthetic Street Engine Oil
Case of 12 Quarts
2937 LS30 Synthetic Street Engine Oil
Pallet of 84 Cases, Quart
2906 LS30 Synthetic Street Engine Oil
Size 1 Quart Bottle
Viscosity 5W-30
2920 LS30 Synthetic Street Engine Oil
Size 54 Gallon Drum
Viscosity 5W-30

Product Description

LS30 delivers new Ultra High Viscosity Index synthetic base oil technology in a street performance motor oil designed for GM LS based engines. LS30 features a high zinc content to protect aggressive cam profiles, and the advanced synthetic formula delivers high temperature protection. Combined, LS30 provides protection for street/strip applications that call for a 5W-30 viscosity oil. Not every high performance engine lives in a race car. High Performance engines can be found under the hood of modern muscle cars. These engines often have a double life. One day cruising the highway and the next tearing up a track. Engines like these need oil that protects on the road, on the track and in the garage. Joe Gibbs Driven LS30 delivers enhanced film thickness as well as increased anti-wear additives for high output LS based engines.

High Zinc Content – Higher level of Zinc (ZDP) delivers proper anti-wear protection for high output engines and aggressive cam designs

Extra Film Thickness – Advanced synthetic technology provides high shear protection for supercharged engines

Storage Protection – Protects against rust and corrosion damage when your engine is not running. Defends against moisture drawn into the engine by modern ethanol blended fuels. Utilizes a tenacious oil film technology developed for the U.S. military.

Product Features:

  • Designed for high performance LS series engines
  • Utilizes advanced synthetic base oils
  • Provides high temperature and high shear protection


  • Ideal for LS based “crate” engines and supercharged LS performance engines.
  • All street performance engines that call for a 5W-30 viscosity grade

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