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*Please state your year, make and model vehicle in the notes section when ordering so we know what to send you!

From years of street and racing experience, we have come across all kinds of “re-manufactured” calipers. You kind of roll the dice with these things as they may go a year or more without sticking, but we have seen some that seize in less than a few short months! Why?

First, most “reman” calipers are just painted. Paint is temporary and only protects the outside. It can easily peel or be worn off easily with solvents like brake cleaner. We use a full zinc treatment which not only is a factory finish, but it has superior corrosion protection. Our process also re-plates the bore which probably needs it by now! It’s part of the reason why reman calipers are so cheap. Painting is much cheaper than zinc treating.

So how do the cheap remans get reman’d? Typically, they are all tossed into a huge bin and vibratory polished to strip them down. A lot of times they also hone the bores which leave a fresh and bare steel surface. They then toss them into another bin of oil as their sole method of corrosion protection. Some paint them afterwards. Within a short amount of time, guess what? Rusty calipers.

More importantly, the Zinc helps protect your piston bore. While the bore is not a sealing surface, it can get wear from the piston. Wear, lack of fluid changes and rusty caliper shellac will cause a caliper to stick. This usually happens just above the seal where moisture can get in. Other rebuilders use a hone to clean out your caliper bore. We recommend against that as it leaves a fresh steel on steel surface (bore and piston). The zinc bath leaves a perfect factory finish on the inside of your caliper bore. All in all, the process will clean and replate the entire caliper and make everything good for not just a year or two, but in multitudes of that.

We dont remanufacture or rebuild your calipers, we RESTORE them to their original glory.

As an added measure, all our caliper treatments are warranted from seizing or sticking for TWO (2) YEARS from date of purchase. No limitations on whether you race with these or just go grocery shopping.

The price listed shows a refundable core charge for rebuildable calipers. We’re all honest people, right? Dont send in your mom’s Camry caliper on a BMW M3 core exchange. Don’t send us a caliper that has a ear or mount cracked off. Don’t send us a caliper with stripped out threads. If you do that, you’ll probably not get your core charge back!

Make sure all of the fluid has been drained from the caliper and the bleeders have been removed. Fluid can leak out and damage the box during shipping. The calipers can then be easily lost for good with no recourse. Fluid also removes any ink you may have on notes or contact information. After the fluid has been drained it’s best to put the calipers in large, heavy-duty zip-lok freezer bags.

Bleeders can and will snap off in shipment. The cost for removing a broken bleeder is $50.00. EDM is about the only way to go as smaller EZ-Out devices nearly always fail.

Try to double box the calipers if you can (box within a box). Loose calipers can tear up a shipping box rapidly. If you cannot double box the calipers, make sure you have them packed “very” tightly in the box for shipping so they cannot move and damage the box and the other caliper.

*Please state your year, make and model vehicle in the notes section when ordering so we know what to send you!

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